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#1 - Call us! Attorney Ed Jones is an expert DUI lawyer. The sooner he is on your side, the sooner you can be at ease knowing your case is being taken care of by the best.  

#2 - Attorney Ed Jones will request a DLD hearing.  You only have 10 days from the time of your arrest to request a DLD hearing or your license WILL be suspended!  Mr. Jones will do this for you, as your attorney.

#3 - Get your car out of impound. Impound fees are accrue daily. Some of your impound fees will be refunded IF you are successful at your DLD Hearing.  Mr. Jones has helped many clients keep their driver's licenses and get their refund.

#4 - Mr. Jones will contact the court to schedule a court date.  He can schedule a court date that works with your work schedule or simply appear on your behalf.

#5 - As your lawyer, Mr Jones will request police reports and lab results to build your defense. He will review them, and determine your best defense.  

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Attorney Ed Jones

DUI Attorney J. Edward Jones has 20+ years solely in the area of criminal law. He is dedicated to fighting for the rights of his clients.  Ed Jones is highly respected  as a experienced & successful  DUI expert, with a solid knowledge of the law. He aggressively defends his clients. As a former prosecutor, Ed Jones understands  the way the other side works, and knows how to beat them. He is recognized as a expert defense attorney.  Called the 'bulldog' by law enforcement, he will fight for you and ensure your constitutional rights are protected.   

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Recent Victories

Charges: DUI

Result =  Won at Suppression Hearing
Complete Dismissal

Charges: DUI with mutiple priors

Result = Complete Dismissal

Charges: Felony DUI w/priors & High BA

Result = Reduced to Misdemeanor, 

later dismissed

Charges: DUI with High BA

Result = Reduced to impaired driving

Charges: DUI with prior alcohol restricted license

Result - charges dropped

Charges: DUI Metabolite (marijuara)

Result - Complete Dismissal

(Mr. Jones has helped numerous clients get their DUI metabolite cases dismissed)

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